Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rise and thrive at year end – it’s about break management

I had to take a break from writing last Friday. How can we speak about the climb of life after the shocking news? I've had a sore pressure in my throat since then, but it was not from a cold. And an “Obama-violencecare” is what I wish for our Southern friends in 2013. Yet the solidarity and courage in the Newtown community reminded me that what drives most people is compassionately caring for each other. Life must go on, and the beauty of life makes it worth the climb! So let’s take a deep breath and try.


To continue with my experiences from rock climbing, let’s have a look at what happened after that roof – remember I kept hanging on the rope, legs wobbling in the air, though I had passed the most challenging part of the climb? No hurt, except for my “amour-propre” (pride)…

Lesson #1: Pace yourself; plan your breaks.  I guess I should have known better.
On my next session at the climbing gym, I ask the gym manager for some guidance. “It’s impossible to climb that route in one stretch, you have to give yourself breaks along the way,” he says, and shows me where. “Right at the end of the crossing, and then again at the end of the ledge.” He can’t be serious, I think. Two breaks before the roof? Twice in that first piece of cake section?!

And here I am looking back in time, since the summer. After Labour Day, we think we can make it in one stretch till Christmastime. September is like the initial crossing of my climb. Lots to get onto after the summer but we have the stamina and we surf through the month with energy.
Halloween? Like the ledge, we need to concentrate because there is so much ahead of us with December holidays, so we keep on without a break. Ah, the holidays, who isn’t stressed out about all we have to plan and do in December? Intimidating, like that roof. But we manage, year after year. This year? Maybe not that well it seems for many. Usually it’s February that feels like that final vertical stretch with no biceps power left. But this year I see it already happening since early December.

So I am serious when I say I will take a planned break around Halloween in 2013. As a child, we had a one to two week break around that time of year: “les vacances de la Toussaint”. Very wise. Better having planned breaks than lingering exhausted, or being forced to take breaks because you push too hard and fall sick. Too many exciting things to do to fall sick! I’ll never climb a roof like this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp7XEN4XbH0 - but I hope I am up to easy mountain climbs in the Alps next year! What dreams keep you reasonable?

And how about  Lesson #2, choosing to take unplanned breaks?

Stay tuned, I am almost through with my story!

Sincèrement, bonne santé, et paix sur la terre!

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