Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It’s a long stretch towards Christmastime… lessons from rock climbing for making this time of year enjoyable

After Tai-Chi, my favourite hobby is rock climbing: I simply love it! Does your favourite pastime also bring you great life lessons? Here is what I recently learnt:

  • Lesson #1: Pace yourself. Plan your breaks much sooner than they seem necessary. In climbing, if you don’t rest along the way, you can’t make it to the top
  • Lesson #2: When you tire out, you have two choices: take a break, or tough it out and try to keep going. There’s a reason climbers use a safety rope. When you can’t go on, you have something to fall back on – literally. But the rope can’t finish the climb for you – that’s why choosing the break over toughing it out is critically important. 

Even with all the climbing skills I have, I recently realized – by falling a few times - I was not doing it quite right. I’d like to share these valuable lessons with you over the next few days. The solutions I’ve come up with are simple & do-able, and yes, they apply to the push to end of the year holidays! 

Stay tuned!

Sincèrement, et bonne santé!


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